Originally Released on Zero Corp. (Japan 1994) and Long Island Records (Europe 1995) and then Arise Records (Spain 2005).

Gary Schutt - all instruments.
Jeff Scott Soto - all vocals.
produced by Soto & Schutt

SENTIMETAL is the debut CD from Jeff Scott Soto's bassist/guitarist/collaborator Gary Schutt. Gary is a multi-instrumentalist and has been writing and recording original music since Junior High School.
This SENTIMETAL REMASTERED was released in 2005 by Arise Records (Spain). The remaster thickened the original recordings and sprouted some other rough demos of Schutt's songs with Soto's vocal pressence.


song titles

  1  Warpaint
  2  In Some Other Lifetime
  3  The Imperial March
  4  No Man's Land 
  5  I Guess I'm Still In Love
  6  Dangerous Horseplay
  7  Stranded
  8  Should Have Been Me
  9  She's Letting Go
10 Your Friend
11 Faultline

bonus tracks:
12  Highway To Nowhere (demo)
13  Mental Ward (demo)
14  Act Of Sympathy (demo)