song titles

Psycho Bitch (radio edit) 
Self Destruction (radio edit) 
Someone New (radio edit) 
Wish You Dead (radio edit) 
Therapy (radio edit) 
Crave (radio edit) 
Lost Soul Mate (radio edit) 
Mental Ward (radio edit) 
It's Not Me 
Bitch with a capital "C" (radio edit) 
Dog (radio edit) 
Nowhere Fast (acoustic mix) 
Die Another Love 


(CD - release 7.3.2012)
GARY SCHUTT - all instruments and vocals

PUPPETS IN SYMMETRY was the original album title before CATHARSIS, which became CONTINGENY PLAN.
The title comes from a lyric in the bridge for the song "Love Me For Me" that says "we are all puppets in symmetry".
This compilation contains altered songs from the CONTINGENCY PLAN and EXCRUCIATING PLEASURES albums.
The radio edits are cut to under 4 minutes and have all the dirty words either taken out or altered.  This is a CLEAN release!
"Die Another Love" is the original version of Jeff Scott Soto's "Afraid To Die" from his 2012 CD "Damage Control".