song titles

1.  She's Letting Go (2014)
2.  Stranded
3.  I Guess I'm Still In Love
4.  Don't Come Crying To Me
5.  Do You Still...
6.  This Might Be The Last Time
7.  Behind My Back
8.  Left In The Dark
9.  Only You Know
10. Breathing You In
11. I Won't Be Here
12. Stranded (live)


Release Date:

80's melodic rock

With a ton of unused songs never to be seen in the Gary Schutt solo catalog, these 80's melodic rock song were set aside to the project band name E19.  LIFESPAN was released before the JUST DOWN THE HALL album.  LIFESPAN encompasses the greatest melodic rock songs from Schutt's already released albums, and put into the E19 name.  The previously released Gary Schutt's PALISADE: LOST IN PARADISE also was renamed to E19.  

"The greatest melodic rock band to never make it out of the 80's!
E19 are five guys from New Jersey that, somehow, never left the 1980's. They still have their teased up big hair and still wear the same clothes that they did 30 years ago at their club shows and prom gigs. Never landing a big record deal, they still believe that someday they will be discovered and be the biggest band ever.
Actually it's Gary Schutt's early, unused song catalog!"

"Reminiscent of 80's melodic rock bands, catchy hooks, melodies, fat production, tons of guitar. This album contains the "melodic rock" greatest hits from a few of Gary Schutt's solo albums, featuring a remix of She's Letting Go and Stranded live."